Managed Account

Everything you need to know about a Managed Account setup.
Opening an account
Introducing Broker

After you completed your registration with CBM Global, you will be redirected to the broker.

  • Registration
  • KYC (ID & Proof Of Address)
  • Suitability questionnaire
  • LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney)
  • Suitability questionnaire

Deposit your trading capital to the broker’s segregated account.

Multi-Account Manager

A MAM is a multi-account manager. The capital of an individual client is allocatd to the MAM for trading.

When the MAM places a trade, the Profit or Loss (P/L) is allocated back to the MAM followers, depending on the percentage of the customers balance in relation to the total MAM balance.

Deposits and Withdrawals
  • The broker can only accept funds on your trading account if the name of the sending bank account is the same.
  • If the sending account is registered on 2 names, ownership must be verified with the broker.
  • Withdrawals can only be sent back to the original account that was used for funding. In other cases proof of ownership is requested.
  • Currently, only deposits in EUR can be accepted.

The Name on your Broker account

Account owner names need to be identical

The name on your Account you use to transfer funds

Account Setup
Maximum Leverage

ESMA restriction

Technical setup

PAMM allocation

Legal Structure
Asset Manager

FCA licensed EU passport

Account Ownership

deposit or withdraw anytime

MIn Deposit Allowed

Broker restriction

Max Deposit Allowed

@ broker discretion

Trading Forex and CFD's is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.