The incubator chain

How do I quality for the incubator chain?

Automatic Qualification

Any client that actively trades the Nautilus strategy (through a managed account or the fund) automatically enters the customer chain program. Each €50 valued cashback node generates a piece of incubator commission.

The more nodes that simultaneously generate incubator commission, the faster it will get activated, and the more entries you will have.

Aml/third-party funding

The commissions generated for the incubator chain are corporate funds. We are not allowed to deposit these funds in your name due to the anti-money laundering laws.

The cashback generated from these nodes has the user as the ultimate beneficiary.

Some incubator chains are mandatory accounts, some are for payout.

The incubator chain is fully operated by It essentially combines multiple marketing agents and products, so they indirectly support each other.

Trading Forex and CFD's is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.