CBM Global is a Global Product!

Other customers can be placed in your matrix.
Global customer Base

CBM Global registers new customers worldwide. Apart from US customers and people living in countries restricted by Anti Money Laundering regulations, the whole world can benefit.

The deposits of all these customers will go through the same process of being allocated a cashback node for each €50 trading capital placed.

The cashback nodes need to be placed in the cashback algorithm. This will always be done using the sale applied rules for distribution.

CBM's vision is to reach as many people as possible worldwide. Even though the process for registering small retail customers is very expensive compared to the reward for the company or broker, it is our mission to go global and reach the masses.

It's the only way to convey our vision of bringing benefit to humanity!

Refer a customer to us

Don't try to explain the complexity of CBM Global to someone else. We know you want to tell other people about us, but we've gone to great lengths to provide correct and compliant information on our website, marketing materials, company emails and official social media channels.

But of course, we welcome your efforts to tell others about CBM Global.

That's why our cashback algorithm will place customers you referred to us in your matrix if possible. That is: if there's still room to place them. Their cashback nodes are automatically placed in the first open positions starting from your initial matrix node.

This implies that you might be responsible for placing other customers in someone else's cashback matrix.

Trading Forex and CFD's is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.