As your account grows, your cashback grows

If your account generates a profit, our systems will notice and create more cashback nodes for you.

Trading results can never be guaranteed. Markets move erratically, technical issues may pop up, prices can change every millisecond.

We will never make any assumptions of profit, neither will we ever make a prognosis on what the profit might be. The only results we can refer to are the historical results from live trading.

Profit Overflow

For each €50 profit* generated on your own trading capital, CBM's vPAMM will create a new cashback node for you. One condition: you must have available CBM licenses!

*profit on equity

Some Examples
Trading Capital Growth % required
€250 20%
€1.000 5%
€1.550 3.23%
€6.350 0.787%
€51.150 0.097%
€819.150 0.006%

Once a node is placed, it remains yours, unless you withdraw your trading capital for the node.

Losses generated by the trading algorithms don't result in losses in cashback nodes.

Profit Overflow from other CBM clients before you

The CBM cashback algorithm leverages the cashback generated from all clients, thus also the cashback from the profit generated from each client.

For each CBM client, an additional benefit can occur.

The profits made by customers before you have to be placed somewhere in the matrix. They might just be placed in one of your personal matrixes.

Worse case scenario
The CBM CashBack Matrix algorithm is a self-sustainable system that can provide an additional benefit, even if there would be only one customer, thanks to the Profit Overflow aspect.
Trading Forex and CFD's is high risk. Losses can exceed deposits.